Anatomy of a Phish – follow up

November 23, 2012 by  
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Last month a wrote about that wonderful world of email spam, specifically phishing emails and how they've evolved and become a little more difficult to spot.  You can read it here if you like.

While no one responded, or even tried to post the flaws.  I did promise that I'd post the flaws this month.  I'll break them down between the obvious and not so obvious, so here goes:


  • Subject line - "credit cars account"
  • From Field - <noreply @>

Not So Obvious

  • Body text - The currency symbols and designations.  The email puts them in front of the amount i.e. ($USD) 200.00.  The correct format is $200.00USD or $200.00 (USD).
  • Links - While I was unable to screen capture those for you, they were fraudulent.  When you hover over the links the address/es they displayed were not even close to being affiliated with the bank.
  • Date format - This can be up for debate depending on the bank but they are using the international date format of day/month/year; when a US bank will in most cases use month/day/year.

The last and most obvious flaw with this email is:



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