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Solutionz Live! presents Bob Burg, co-author of the Go Giver in the Innovation segment on Tuesday, February 17th at 10am ET. For more information // created at
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Bob Burg is a man known for his generosity and wisdom. He speaks for thousands annually and is a noted author. In this interview he addresses how the philosophy of Relationship Marketing works today ---- as before. You'll also get some specfic, real-world ideas on how to become more self-reliant and not depend on an outside source for your economic stimulus. This short video is a must-see!
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7 Responses to “Bob Burg INNOVATION through Giving – Solutionz Live 17FEB”
  1. dp4736 says:

    When was this interview taken?

  2. TerryLBrock says:

    Thank you for your kind comment, brooklynbaba!

  3. brooklynbaba says:

    That was a really good job you did interviewing him. Awesome, your a pro.

  4. forevermkd says:

    I have one his book here and I will read it,I think he can be a good author.

  5. addytseng says:

    Good point! Why is the current economy any different on how we operate?
    Add value. Align with your values.

    I love the book!

  6. bboygiggles says:

    Finally get to see Bob in animation.


    Great video thanks for posting it