Les Brown – Unwrap Your Infinite Greatness

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25 Responses to “Les Brown – Unwrap Your Infinite Greatness”
  1. Amaan1441 says:

    Thank you les

  2. TheRTJ80 says:

    @ twumastiq: there is no correction..faith has nothing to do with religion but with spirituality. Belief of things not yet seen. God didn’t write the bible…MAN DID because felt they were called to do it because of Their BELIEF in him

  3. twumasitq says:

    Les, correction.
    Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.. please speak it right!

  4. clautcia says:

    Thank You Less Brown!! Ever since I started listening to your message, my life started to change. You made me believe that it is possible. Because right now, all those who I cherish, turned me down. They think, I am crazy, I am not realistic and practical. Very few believe that I will make it. NOW I BELIEVE, THAT I CAN UNFOLD MY DREAMS =)

  5. TrueShadow18 says:

    even if the the world is against you, kick it´s ass and and come on top because IT´S POSSIBLE!

  6. IncreaseYourBelief says:

    why is their 2 dislikes wow

  7. sfromd says:

    Keep up the great work Mr. Brown. You are truly an inspiration.

  8. marklange121 says:

    Godbless you Les

  9. UBUZUT says:


  10. hopes26 says:

    I like this videos more than the speeches that he delivers to huge audience (although I love those too) because I feel that he is talking personally to me in this video 🙂

  11. MrLeeryan29 says:

    your my number one les brown!

  12. Tao33316 says:

    The speaker said a mouthful. It is easy to “have faith” when everything is going well. Wait till you are stripped of the easy times, then we’ll see the quality of your faith. Hard times, the best medicine for the soul!

  13. matrixsoulpriest says:

    2 people are idiots.

  14. JimmyNaraine says:

    Les Brown – you are brilliant!

  15. PotentialSuccess says:

    2:24 is where I think I am at right now. I want to be that person like Les Brown who can help a lot of people. I don’t know right now if I can do that but I try to with all the resources I have. I’m still very young so I hope one day I will accomplish that!

  16. samaladdin says:

    Why 2 people dislike this??

  17. mumpump says:

    if the sun in the sky had a face, it would look just like Les Brown!

  18. slurp95 says:

    The right message a the right time! =)

  19. motivator12 says:

    Timing was just right for me to hear this message.

    Thank God for you, Mr. Brown

  20. kindadreamer says:

    love you Mr Brown, thanks keep up your excellent work

  21. wetyewruyrtsutrdhjfg says:

    Well, actually I’ve got people saying that I couldn’t get anywhere with my efforts.

    “I care about you, that’s why I’m advising you not to continue. You’re just going to tire yourself out. ”

    “I want you to succeed too, so I have to point out the things that will make you fail.”

    I no longer have anything to do with those people. Caring is putting in effort to help. Not discouraging under the guise of concern. Or placing doubt in my mind. Those guys just want to drag others down to their level.

  22. narcissusverbena says:

    Thank You Les! That was beautiful and inspiring… It’s good to know I am not crazy and anything is possible.

  23. TREYBELLS says:

    I believe in myself completely!!! but most of all, I BELIEVE IN MY ALMIGHTY CREATOR, his love, grace, peace and greatness! BLESS ALL 🙂 Have the greatest day of YOUR life 😀

  24. carabeecw says:

    Les Brown Thank you, Wonderful, wonderful. I have followed you for years, first Chicago, lost track until recently. Saw you on G. I. N . webinaire and was delighted to find you again. I will plug in to  your show. Also enjoyed the story you told on the bus about your journey, and the bus driver’s good deed.

  25. dinamiaesthetics says:

    One of the greatest speakers I’ve ever come in contact with.  Man this guy is great! Love him.