Teen Entrepreneurs: Part One

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Watch the first segment in this series about teens who started their own businesses.
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39 Responses to “Teen Entrepreneurs: Part One”
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  7. anibal2689 says:

    NFTE is a business loll

  8. MrFrenchblood says:

    and i have big plans to have my own magazine. i have wanted that for a long time already but never had the time to actually start writing. and i kind of have some names for my business but i want you guys to pic which is the best
    1.onyx magazine corp 2.starcon well thats only two but yah. and when i get my own magazine i need help with a name

  9. MrFrenchblood says:

    these videos have inspired me. i am actually turning fourteen this february and i have already have small business plans. i dont have a name for it but i have the theme. the theme is going to be magazine article writing so my company will write things such as reviews,magazine articles and much more.

  10. MrHoppers002 says:

    americans and bullshit businesses. honestly why are there so many businesses that make things that are so frivolous like transition lenses for football helmets??? organic candles??? wtf. good lord the only thing people need are electronics, food, clothes, shelter, cars, and supplies.

  11. aymanarshiz says:


  12. popstarprincess123 says:

    well i wanted to work since i was 8 or 9 so i want to be free so that dont aply to me but i stll want my own busniess

  13. ReservedSpotlight says:

    This is a great video!

  14. AquariusPHX says:

    Great Video of up ‘n coming Young Entrepreneurs, I enjoyed it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my debut song and video: Young Entrepreneur on my channel!

  15. lylizm says:

    I am so glad to see teens taking the lead in business. . . keep it up. Thanks for posting.

  16. RenegadeCEOS says:

    thanks for sharing, Gary.

    It is important that teens understand that while starting a business seems attractive & fun (as it very well should be), in a number of cases it is going to require a lot more work than a job, time commitment and it could be months before they earn money.


  17. MoneyWizKid says:

    Thanks for featuring these Teen Entrepreneurs Video Series. I hope this entice other teens to go into business.

  18. Kitsune81 says:

    It’s fun to watch this, and take his advice and apply it to pickup. Have multiple plates spinning (don’t focus on 1 girl), because sometimes things don’t work out, and you won’t take it personal and feel bad. You’re less nervous on dates, cause you have other opportunities. Think about the first step to take (approach), instead of planning it all out. Wanting the perfect interaction gives us writing block, lower our standards.

    This isn’t just advice on business, but on life in general.

  19. louea380 says:

    Look at this sexy c***! I want that shirt he’s wearing.

  20. Under21convention07 says:

    @MorrisonEnterprise hey man gotta eat!

  21. MorrisonEnterprise says:

    a video with 7 commercials… I know this is about making money, but for christ’s sake

  22. DianaMarieBray says:

    Well done

  23. TheHiphopneverdied says:

    Guys!! Trim your eye brows and dress like a gay guy and automaticly girls gonna throw themselves at you

  24. startupbuildervideos says:

    Hello, this is Mark from Startup-Builder… Good content, but I found this rather dry… That being said… my videos are sometimes dry as well! It is hard to engage your audience and present your content in an exciting manner. Keep it up… you inspired me to improve. Thanks,

  25. startupbuildervideos says:

    Hello, this is Mark from Startup-Builder… Good content, but I found this rather dry… That being said… my videos are sometimes dry as well! It is hard to engage your audience and present your content in an exciting manner. Keep it up… you inspired me to improve. Thanks,

  26. hsmjcl says:

    The video is uploading but the advertisement doesn’t allow me to watch nor it is uploading. What can I do to watch my video that takes so many times to upload. Yotube is upseting me.

  27. hsmjcl says:

    I just have one complaint: could you please youtube remove that ads in the middle of the video, because it get us mad. If you have to put ads, put it in the side of the page, not in the middle of the video we wait so long to be uploaded. Thanks.

  28. terezik24 says:

    Matt is great! I feel that every single video I watch from him is gonna change my life– And it really DOES!! thanks a lot!!

  29. Licona1219 says:

    This is a great speech. It’s good for business, but it’s also good for everyday life.

  30. Under21convention07 says:

    @iamproudtobeajew I’m 23 myself and feel equally inspired by Matt. Cheers man!

    — Anthony Dream Johnson

  31. iamproudtobeajew says:

    @haney959 i am a new entrepreneur just started my work recently (5 months) i am 21 , and i feel the same things as he dose , i feel as if i am walking in his footsteps , WOW , he blew my mind !

  32. SocialStars says:

    Really looveed your video, thank you.

  33. Octavideoz says:

    you’ve just changed something in me

  34. MishaRuels says:

    he is so sexy

  35. extremeinferno says:

    yeah really impressive talk, got much from it

  36. haney959 says:

    Great Job; I have been an entrepreneur for 30 years; all of my beliefs that I preach to my staff and customers are reconfirmed with your thoughts.

  37. IMightBeLasse says:


  38. DahSlayah says:

    Awesome talk 🙂

  39. Itshalffull says:

    So fucking stoked that you posted this. I was hoping it was gonna be one of Hussey’s videos when you said you were uploading something. Been reading the black swan, and realizing how well Hussey’s teachings dovetail into it.

    Sharing this everywhere… this video is going to be huge.