What is Creativity – Brian Tracy

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www.nightingale.com Discover how to make innovative breakthroughs. This clip is from Brian Tracy's The Effective Manager Seminar Series: Creative Manager available at: www.nightingale.com Save on any order over .95.
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12 Responses to “What is Creativity – Brian Tracy”
  1. Mu5clehead says:

    wow he looks so young

  2. xxbyronx says:

    An amazing help! We can be creative spiritually also. Peace and love to anyone who is in despair. XX

  3. maxpower1112 says:

    hi,what is the name of this course.would like to know

  4. maxpower1112 says:

    hi.where can i get this whole video,whats the name.

  5. yoadrianhead says:

    Words fail me to adequately describe how valuable I believe this is. Yesterday I made 320. in 3 hours using one of his suggestions. In the past 3 years probably about 150k additional income aside from my “day” job. And this past year, a 65% salary increase. I’m just glad only a few realize how good this material really is.

  6. trethoyeudau says:

    i love your lecture. thanks ,,,,,so great

  7. trethoyeudau says:

    pls post more, Your words make me more confident and open my mind. Thanks a lot

  8. americanplanninginc says:


  9. DexterousDeuce says:

    This guy is tha Master!! Big Pimpin!

  10. tbdeawh says:

    yes, post more! we love Brian Tracy!

  11. herbgardner00 says:

    thank you for this, please post more!

  12. CacaoKid says:

    Wow… Please Post More!!!